Can I have another summer job if I'm an ASA?

The Academic Advising Center expects the ASA position to be your top priority and you are expected to fulfill your responsibilities with the ASA position first. If you choose to seek additional employment, be sure that you communicate early on to your employer your needs and requirements as an ASA. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure you are present at all required training and program activities as it is expected that the ASA position be your top priority.


Can I take a summer course and be an ASA?

Yes, however, you will need to consult with Academic Advising prior to enrollment in a synchronous course to ensure your coursework will not conflict with ASA job responsibilities. If you are considering taking a summer course, please make mention of this in your application and interview process.


When will I find out if I’m selected?

The interview process will be occur in late February with final decisions made in March. Academic Advising will be in contact with applicants during each step of the process, letting you know your status.


Do I have to be in Bellingham if I’m selected?

At this time, ASAs are not required to be in Bellingham. All training and work may be completed virtually in Zoom.


If I don’t have access to a confidential workspace or reliable internet, can I still apply?

Please still apply and bring up for discussion during the individual interview process if selected to move on in the hiring process.


I’m a First Year student/I’m a Transfer student… can I still apply?

If you have successfully completed at least one quarter at Western with a good academic standing prior to Spring 2022, you are eligible to apply. You must also have an intention to enroll in classes Fall 2022 to be eligible. Our staff training will help you learn all that you will need to know about advising students and campus resources.


I’m a senior, can I apply?

If you will be enrolled in 6 credits or more of coursework during Fall 2022 you will be eligible to work as an ASA for Fall Advising & Registration sessions during summer. However, if you are graduating during spring or summer 2022 you are not eligible to apply.


Does the ASA position continue past summer?

Fall Advising and Registration in September, prior to fall quarter beginning is the last required commitment for our summer 2022 ASAs. There may be infrequent opportunities throughout the academic year to work as an ASA, which would be scheduled based on ASA availability. Being an ASA does qualify you to apply to be a Peer Advisor in the Academic Advising Center. The Peer Advisor position works through the academic year and there is a formal application process that will occur in August for this position.


ASA Advisor Thadius

"Working as an ASA provided me an opportunity to not only learn more about Western, but also provide incoming students with information to help them succeed from now until graduation. This job helped me gain more confidence as a professional and I will always be grateful for my time as an ASA!"