Declare a Major and Stay on Track

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to turn your attention to the declaration process. Majors at Western all have a different declaration process, so be sure to check the Programs of Study to see how your intended major declares. You may have to take prerequisite courses, achieve a particular GPA, or even assemble a portfolio in order to apply. Some departments have deadlines for applying to the major as well. Below, you will find a general recommended timeline towards major declaration based on completed credits. However, it is beneficial to declare a major as soon as it is possible.

Watch the video Declaring a Major!

General Recommended Timeline

Declaring your major early is essential to timely graduation. In addition, declaring your major early has many benefits, including access to major restricted courses, getting connected with an advisor in the department, and finding out about major-related opportunities within your department, such as scholarships and clubs, internships, and research opportunities.

0-45 Credits Completed

Explore majors at Western!
-Take GUR courses
-Read the Programs of Study
-Talk to faculty in areas of interest
-Make a Choosing a Major appointment with an advisor

60 Credits Completed

Seek advising about your choice of major.
-Meet with a departmental or academic advisor to determine major declaration requirements, and declare a pre-major, if appropriate.

90 Credits Completed *

Apply to your major! (If you have not done so already)
*Transfer and high credit Running Start students coming in with 75+ credits should aim to apply to their major in their second quarter at Western.

Note to high credit students:

105 Credit Major Declaration Policy: Students who do not declare a major, pre-major, or Phase I major by the time they reach 105+ quarter credits are required to meet with an advisor or submit an online plan for declaration each quarter prior to registering until they have declared their major. An email will be sent out to students who have between 75 and 104.5 credits informing them that they are approaching the 105 credit marker. Students should meet with advisors in their intended major's department or visit the Academic Advising Center or Student Outreach Services to meet with a professional advisor about their next steps in declaring a major. Read more on the 105 credit hold policy.

Stay on Track

Now that you have decided on your major, here are some steps to help you stay on track towards major declaration and graduation.

  1. Meet with an advisor to identify the proper way to prepare for your chosen major(s).
  2. Work on completing the necessary requirements for declaring your major. You can find those requirements on the Programs of Study or department website.
  3. Declare your major with the department(s).
  4. Get involved in your major:
    • Develop relationships with faculty and advisors in your department(s).
    • Identify educational and/or research opportunities within your major.
    • Seek out leadership and internship opportunities related to your major or career interests.
  5. Track your progress towards graduation using Degree Works.