Identify and Narrow Your Options

Now that you have taken time to reflect, you can turn your attention to the majors offered at Western. As you start to explore, be sure to keep your core values and goals in mind. The following activity is helpful to create a shorter, more workable list of possible majors.

Activity: Narrow down your major options

Using either the list of Western’s majors available on the website or the provided printable checklist below, begin eliminating the majors that you are certain are not right for you. Also take note of the majors you naturally gravitate towards or are interested in learning more about. By the end of the exercise, you will have a smaller, more manageable list of majors to explore further. Narrowing the list down to 10-15 majors can feel like a big accomplishment.


If you are unsure of what a major is and want to learn more, check out the Programs of Study in the University Catalog. This page lists all majors and minors offered at Western and each program of study includes a brief description of the field of study, course requirements, sample careers, declaration information, and department contacts.

Now that your initial assessment of Western’s majors is complete, take your narrowed down list of majors and read our suggestions for how to explore them further.