Senior Year - Prepare

Continue to use the Online Degree Evaluation to stay on track for graduation

  • Degree Works – Western’s academic planning and degree evaluation tool – is used to evaluate coursework fulfilling major, minor, and degree requirements. Degree Works shows how Western courses, transfer courses, and courses in-progress apply toward graduation requirements.
  • You can access Degree Works anytime in Web4U under Student Records. More information, including step-by-step instructions, are available on the Registrar’s Office website.
  • Degree Works is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions. Continue to see an advisor to discuss your progress toward graduation.


Do a research project with a professor or complete a second related internship

  • Many professors on campus are working on research projects in exciting fields!
  • Talk to professors/departments within your areas of interest to find out what opportunities are available. Or develop and complete your own research project with a faculty mentor!


Develop and create a portfolio to showcase your experience and qualifications

  • A portfolio is a great way to organize your accomplishments and show evidence of your skills. Portfolios will be a great asset for any job interview, both as a way for you to reflect on your experience and to illustrate your previous experience for the interviewer.
  • Collect and neatly organize papers, projects and documents that are reflective of your skills, accomplishments, and understanding of your major, as well as items that show your ability to do the job in question. This can be a well-written paper, a research report, or write-up about a class project or an award, among many other things.


Take advantage of Career Services Center programs and services to design an effective job-search strategy

Career Services Center, OM 280 offers various job-search related workshops to help you with resume writing, interview techniques, networking, and finding a job in a tight market, among others. Sign up for one today!


Research and apply to graduate/professional schools early

  • This can be an exciting but challenging task. Tackle it early and work on it in pieces over time.
  • The Career Services Center offers assistance with researching, planning, and applying for graduate school.


Request references from professors, supervisors, and former employers

  • You are likely to need references for graduate school or job applications after you graduate. Always ask permission to list someone as a reference. If requesting a letter of reference, always allow at least 3 weeks for the writer to complete the letter.
  • Help those writing letters of reference by providing them a description of the graduate program or job you are applying for. Remind professors of grades and paper topics you completed as part of their courses. Remind supervisors of responsibilities you held, and special projects or extra training you completed. Be prepared to provide a few points about what you would like them to address in your reference letter, if asked.


Complete the Degree Application Process

  • Student need to apply for graduation 2 quarters prior to their intended graduation quarter.
  • Find details about the process and the application in the Registrar's Office, OM 230.