Academic Planning Steps


Aim for 14-16 credits consisting of 3-4 classes

  • Pay attention to any prerequisites and course sequences for classes in your program of study.
  • Pay attention to delivery methods when selecting classes. Keep in mind that 10 minutes is usually sufficient time to travel from one in-person class to the next.
  • Instructors typically expect students to spend 2 hours working outside of class for each hour spent in class.


Check your GUR progress: copy GUR credits from Transfer Equivalency Report (TER) to GUR Checklist

  • For GUR areas that remain unsatisfied, check for classes that interest you in the Viking Advisor or ClassFinder.
  • GURs are not required for students who have completed a DTA-Associate Degree from a Washington State community or technical college. If you have earned an AS-T Degree, look for an email from with your remaining GURs. Questions? Email in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Meet with Academic Departments to talk about how XX/TT transfer courses might apply to major or minor requirements.
  • Be sure you have submitted final transcripts to Western’s Admissions Office. If you have questions regarding your transfer credit articulation, email In the email, include your name, W number and specific question.

Look up major and minor requirements found in the Programs of Study in the University Catalog

  • Have you completed any requirements? Check your TER to avoid repeating a class.
  • Check if any requirements will also satisfy any of your remaining GURs.
  • Identify the courses you will need to take early on in order to declare your intended major.

Check your Math and English placement on the Student Advising Sheet

  • Talk with an advisor to determine if you need to take math, and if so, what courses are recommended.
  • Do you need to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment (MPA)? Talk with an advisor, if you are unsure.

Create several possible schedules consisting of GURs and Major Requirements using ClassFinder

  • A mix of subjects, combination of class sizes or variety in evaluation/grading styles can help provide balance to a schedule.



  • Take the Math Placement Assessment (MPA)
  • Meet with Academic Department about XX/TT transfer courses
  • Request an override (OV) permission to take a class
  • Meet with Academic Department to declare major
  • Request final transcript and/or test scores