Choosing a Major

It is okay to be undecided about a major and to spend time considering the possibilities available. There are lots of questions to ask, places to go, and steps to take before you decide on a major.

This website is designed to help you with process of choosing a major, regardless of where you are in that process. We encourage you to make an appointment with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center, Student Outreach Services, or the Career Services Center to discuss possible majors and to create a plan for major declaration.

When should I declare?

Majors at Western range in size and the process for declaration varies, so it is important to start exploring early. This is especially true for majors in the sciences, math, engineering, languages, business, fine and performing arts, and pre-healthcare tracks which include coursework that is heavily sequenced.

In general, students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss choosing a major by the time they have completed 60 credits. Students should aim to declare or apply for their major by 90 completed credits. Transfer students and high credit Running Start students should apply to their major by the end of their second quarter at WWU. Students who do not declare a major, pre-major, or Phase I major by the time they reach 105+ credits are required to meet with an advisor or submit an online plan for declaration each quarter prior to registering until they have declared their major. Read more on the 105 credit hold policy.

Watch the Declaring a Major video.

Are you ready to begin your major exploration journey? Let's get started!

This website includes 6 important parts of the major exploration process. Remember, there is always help along the way. Click on step 1 to begin or choose your own starting point below:

  1. Dispel Myths about Choosing a Major
  2. Assess Yourself
  3. Identify and Narrow your options
  4. Explore and Evaluate your options
  5. Declare a Major and Stay on Track
  6. Connect College to Career